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I help vibrant and committed entrepreneurs scale with simple, automated sales & marketing strategies.

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Nice to meet you...

My name is Adam Highfill. I’m a marketing strategist and business consultant. I have a strong conviction that your marketing investment should yield 2 results:

1) make your life easier

2) make you more money

If it does not, it is a bad investment.

In my years working with business leaders, I've found that many of them struggle for years to implement profitable marketing strategies or processes. So much so that marketing becomes a source of stress (and drain on capital) instead of a lucrative asset to the organization.

I get can seem really hard.  

But here's some good news: your marketing can produce results.  

Here's an example of how I can help you achieve great marketing results:

Do you have a marketing plan for the year?

I teach a proven 5-part roadmap to help you simplify your brand message & automate marketing processes to produce consistent and measurable ROI for your organization. I've used this exact framework to shape the brand identity of dozens of organizations and help them leverage their brand message and marketing to produce measurable & predictable increase in revenue.  

If you don't have a marketing plan for the year, I'd love to teach you my 5-part roadmap to get these results.

Imagine people calling you to place an order or book your services because they’ve gone through a series of automated steps designed to endear them to your brand.  

...that's what a strong message and automated marketing systems do.  

If you don't have these simple elements in place, you are leaving money on the table.

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My Guiding Principles

1. Be honesty

We don't lie about or over-exaggerate our success or make statements/promises about product that are misleading or untrue. We're confident in the product and services we market without needing to embellish the value they offer.

2. Be transparent

We take pride in our work, but we understand our services are not for everyone, and that's ok. We are great at what we do, but we are also open about our limitations. We do the best we can on every project, but we cannot 100% guarantee success because we are not superhuman.

3. Be human

We and our clients are just normal people, so we treat them and communicate with them accordingly. Our tone is relaxed but still appropriate for our context. Think "business-casual".

4. Be generous

We serve our clients with an open hand. We are generous with our time and attention because we know going the extra mile can have a big impact.
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